Personal Information

You do not need to open an account and provide us with personally identifiable information to use Shatkahon. If we collect and process any contact information (email correspondence) we use it in a fair and lawful manner and in respect of your rights.

We will never share your contact information with third parties. Please be aware that we may provide your personal information if we are required to do so by law or compelled by a court of law.  In case of any violation of our Terms of Service, Avanteca reserves the right to block you from accessing the site as well as to disclose any information as necessary to satisfy any law, regulation, governmental request or partner request, at its sole discretion.

Shatkahon has a legitimate interest in communicating with its public and receiving feedback about its services. shatkahon is therefore happy to offer you the opportunity to provide this feedback or to communicate with shatkahon in any other way. For this, shatkahon necessarily processes the following personal data:

- Your name

- Your email address Personal data that you have provided via the contact form or otherwise will be retained for a maximum of two (2) years after the last contact.

Updating your information

  • You may access the personal information we store by viewing your Account.
  • In the event that you wish to change, modify or update your personal information, this can be achieved by completing the relevant change processes from within your Account.
  • The information posted on the publicly accessible WHOIS database can be updated via the appropriate functions from within your Account.
  • In the event that you believe we may hold other personal information about you that is inaccurate, or you wish to change, modify or update this information you have provided, please contact our Customer Care team via email

Keeping your information secure

  • The transfer and continued retention of any information involves a certain degree of risk irrespective of the circumstances. As such, we take account security very seriously, and keeping your information secure is very important to us.
  •  As such, we treat all your data with the utmost security and use a variety of technologies, policies and applications to ensure your data is secured not only from external access, but also from unauthorized access or modification. This includes and is not limited to the use of firewalls, brute force protection mechanisms, advanced and continually reviewed access controls and restrictions.
  •  Your continued use of basic information security protections (such as ensuring strong passwords are set and that these are changed regularly and not shared with anybody) will also help to protect your security and personal information.


  •  The Customer signified acceptance of this Privacy Policy, as well as our Terms of Service, Customer Service Policy, Acceptable Use Policy and any applicable Registrant Agreement, when they submitted their order for Services, and that order was accepted.


  • Shatkahonbd may amend our Privacy Policy at any time. Changes to this agreement will become effective upon their publication to our website.
  • Continued use of the Service(s) constitutes acceptance of the amended terms. If you do not wish to accept the amended terms, you may request cancellation of your Services) in line with our cancellation policy found within our Terms of Service.


Search Features

Shatkahon provides various search features, such as real time search suggestions as you type a search query. When you conduct a search we collect information from your experience, such as your search queries. Shatkahon may base suggestions on aggregated searches across all users. A variety of third party providers help power Shatkahon search and sponsored search services. We may share your search query, IP address, and other depersonalized information from your web browser with these search partners. These third party providers may use this information, as well as your search results clicks, to provide more relevant advertising and search results for search product improvement, research and analysis, and to help detect and defend against fraudulent activity on sponsored or contextual search results. As a web directory and search engine, and as an advertising publisher, you will find various links on our site, including but not limited to sponsored search results and sponsored listings.

Third-Party inks/Websites

At times, we link to third-party websites and services as per the requirements. We do this mostly for the purpose of sharing information to our users and enhancing their knowledge. However, we are not responsible for any incorrect information on these third party websites, their privacy statements, unlawful practices or the contents. We do take care that we link only genuine and informative links but we cannot guarantee 100% authenticity of other websites and won’t be held liable for the same. We would also like to mention the fact that by linking to any third party sites, we are not endorsing them or promoting them or showcasing a partnership with them unless it is specified explicitly by us.